Save the Dates!

Quick Facts and Overview


Induction is the foundation of teacher learning and development. This immersive 2.5-week in-person professional learning experience takes place in the summer (July). The goal of Induction is for teachers to be prepared with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets they will need for the first day of school.    


Prior to Induction, you will receive logistical information about Induction and what you will need to do and bring prior to your arrival. For now, just save the dates!

ANY conflict with these dates and times must be communicated via email to your School Leader and Teaching Excellence at as soon as possible.

Please note: Attendance at Teaching Excellence Induction is required by your district and not contingent upon your certification status. 


All teachers that are enrolled in the Teaching Excellence program (both ACP and Non-ACP) are required to attend Induction. 



The thirteen-day in-person Induction will take place during July. The exact dates are coming soon. 

During Induction teachers will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to be an effective novice teacher. We will accomplish this by providing high-quality sessions in Instructional Planning and Delivery, Culture of Learning, and Professional Roles and Responsibilities. There will be a strong emphasis on quality practice in each session throughout Induction. Additionally, for those seeking certification, the professional learning hours gained at Induction make up most of the 150 hours of pre-service required for issuing an Initial Certification.