5-Strike Rule

An individual has five attempts to take a certification examination. The five attempts include the first
attempt to pass the examination and four retakes. The five attempts include any of the test approval
methods (PACT, EPP, out of state, charter, and CBE). If the individual is unable to successfully pass the
examination after five attempts, the individual will not be allowed to take the examination again unless the
SBEC waives the limitation for good cause. If an individual is not able to pass an examination that is a
requirement for a given certification, the individual will not be able to be issued a probationary, intern, or standard
certificate in that certification field.

If an individual fails an examination, the individual must wait 45 days before retaking the same
examination. For the Core Subjects examinations, an individual must wait 45 days between the initial examination
(291 or 211) and an attempt to retake the whole examination or any subject area subtest (801–809).

Note: If an individual chooses to cancel an examination score at the end of a testing session, the examination
does not count as one of the five attempts. If an individual chooses to cancel an examination score at
the end of a testing session, the scores will not be reported and the scores cannot be reinstated. The
individual will not receive a refund if the scores are canceled. If the individual wants to retake the
examination after canceling the scores, the individual must wait at least 45 days before retaking the

If you have taken a certification exam before and have concerns or questions about your status with the 5-Strike Policy, please reach out to teaching.excellence@yesprep.org and provide your TEA ID in order to confirm where you stand with strikes on a given exam.

Per TE Policy, after you have accrued three strikes on a given exam, you will need to provide a study plan. We will review and approve the study plan, and once you demonstrate that the study plan has been successfully completed, we will approve you for your fourth test attempt. If you do not pass on your fourth attempt, we will ask you to go through the same process with a revised study plan before approving you for your fifth test attempt. 

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