Bilingual and ESL Exams

The communication to a Candidate regarding the district’s requirement to take and pass either the ESL Supplemental or the Bilingual Supplemental and BTLPT is at the request of the employing district.  The employing district must make the request both to the Candidate and on the initial verification provided to Teaching Excellence.     


In order for the Bilingual or ESL Supplemental endorsement to be reflected on a Candidate’s Standard Certificate, as required by the district, the endorsement must be reflected on the Initial Certificate (Intern or Probationary). 

Beginning on September 1st, 2017, all applicable exams (see below) must be taken and passed prior to the issuance of the Initial Certificate (e.g. Intern or Probationary Certificate) if they are to be reflected on that certificate.


Teaching Excellence will issue the applicable certificates/endorsements for which a Candidate is eligible on the first-day of school/first day of their internship year and the last day of their internship year, regardless of desire for endorsement(s) for which the candidate is not eligible.

Desired Content Area with ESL Endorsement


(e.g. MS ELA or HS ELA)

Relevant Content Exam


ESL Supplemental Exam (154)


(e.g. Core 4-8 (211) + ESL Supplemental (154))

Desired Content Area with Bilingual Endorsement


(e.g. Bilingual Elementary)

Relevant Content Exam


Bilingual Supplemental Exam




(Core EC-6 (291) + Bilingual Supplemental (164) + BTLPT (190))

If you have any questions abut which placement listed above applies to your role, please reach out to so that we can help you seek clarity with your district and campus. In order for any certificate area/endorsement to be reflected on a Standard Certificate, it needs to also be reflected on the Initial Certificate (e.g. Intern or Probationary Certificate).