Apply for Initial Certification

In order for us to recommend you for a certificate, you must first apply for the certificate.


You must go through the entirety of the application process until you reach the screen that prompts you to pay. If you are unable to pay now, you can close out of the process at that point and your application will still appear, allowing you to pay at a later date. You can (and should) apply for this certificate ASAP, even if you have not met all requirements for issuance- you don't want this to be what holds you back from being issued a certificate.


There are two types of Initial Certificates an educator can qualify for - the Intern Certificate and the Probationary Certificate.


Intern Certificate: The Intern Certificate is issued to teachers who, at the time of Initial Certificate issuance, have only passed their content exam and not have yet to pass the PPR EC-12 exam. An Intern Certificate requires that all program requirements are complete within 1 year (after which point it expires).


Probationary Certificate: The Probationary Certificate is issued to teachers who, at the time of Initial Certificate issuance, have passed their content exam and PPR EC-12 exam. A Probationary Certificate spans two years, during which a teacher must complete certification requirements.


If either certificate expires without resulting in a Standard Certificate, the Teaching Excellence Program reserves the right to release a teacher from the program or to consider them for an additional initial certificate, which must be a Probationary Certificate. This means that teachers whose Intern Certificate expires before having passed the PPR EC-12 exam are ineligible for an additional certificate.

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