EPP Transfer Process (if applicable)

For any candidate that has previously participated in or registered with an EPP (Educator Preparation Program) in the State of Texas (e.g. University based, ACP, or District program), please note that you must complete an official Transfer Form in order to be formally admitted into the Teaching Excellence Program. Whether or not you are currently actively participating in the program, in order to be formally admitted into our program, you will need to be released from your previous program.


Please complete Part A of this form and request that your current EPP complete Part B by sending them the form with Part A completed.  Upon receipt of the form with Part B completed, please email to teaching.excellence@yesprep.org.


Teaching Excellence will review your transfer request and communicate further about formal admission.

If you have any questions about the opportunity to transfer work from your previous EPP or from previous military service towards TE requirements, please reach out.