Behavior Management Cycle Trajectory Module


Promoting and creating a positive classroom environment can be one of the most challenging (and instrumental) foundational skills for any teacher to become proficient at during their first year(s) in the classroom.  At Teaching Excellence we've developed a 'Behavior Management Cycle' to illustrate and guide the development of our teachers on each of the components of effectively managing students' behavior.  See the graphic below, noting that a teacher's 'Authoritative Voice' is central to each part of the cycle:

The goal is to, initially via Proactive Expectations, ensure that all of your students understand your baseline expectations (both behaviorally and academically) so that they can fulfill those expectations.  Once one has a knack for explicitly and confidently proactively setting their expectations during every single transition of the class, the other components support moving any off-task behavior/student back towards being on-task in the lesson as quickly and efficiently as possible.  




























Sometimes thinking of behavior management just as a cycle can be limiting because it doesn’t include the lesson that you are teaching. The graphic below, the BMC Trajectory, shows that the purpose of our teacher tools like redirections, authoritative voice and consequences are all used to either keep students engaged in the lesson or bring them back to the lesson if they have gotten off track. The dark green line is the goal for all time in a lesson and the BMC is a means to that end. You will see this image several times throughout the module. 

The Behavior Management Cycle Trajectory

Non-Verbal Redirections

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How to Use This Module/Resource:​​

  • View the video and PPT slide deck (be sure to download and save to your desktop) for each component of the Behavior Management Cycle Trajectory 


  • As you view the video, complete the adjoining "Processing and Planning" Guide (be sure to download and save to your desktop), saving each individually to your computer for future use with your Instructional Coach


  • At any time you can jump ahead to the other components of the Behavior Management Cycle Trajectory by clicking on the yellow titles above, taking you to the corresponding professional learning video and adjoining processing and planning guide.  


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