Authoritative Voice - The Precursor to the BMC Trajectory

Before we can venture into the Behavior Management Cycle Trajectory, we must first cover one of the most foundational tools to an effective classroom teacher... Authoritative Voice.  An authoritative voice is NOT authoritarian, nor is it permissive.  And it's more than just how you speak.  It's how you stand, your tone, and overall how you present yourself to your class.  Your students need you to be the leader, and being a leader requires confidence.  So you must show your students you are confident.  This is your Authoritative Voice. 


You'll learn more about Authoritative Voice as you cover the first component of the BMC Trajectory.  Just keep in mind, it's absolutely central to the success of every component of the Behavior Management Cycle, the Trajectory (and not needing to continue on it), and the overall positive climate/culture of an effective classroom.  






Proactive expectations are, specifically, what you ask of your students before you expect them to do it.  Proactive expectations are something you continuously narrate in the classroom (literally all the time) during any and all transitions.  Your expectations, both behaviorally and academically, will provide your students with the baseline you desire them to meet.  Unless you provide them with that baseline, they are not likely to meet it.  In short, proactive expectations are specific, succinct directions for exactly WHAT students should be doing and HOW they should be doing it.



  • If you haven't already, please read this pre-reading on authoritative voice before you go any further

  • Download the Authoritative Voice and Proactive Expectations Processing and Planning Guide here (save to your desktop)

  • Download the Authoritative Voice and Proactive Expectations PPT Deck here (save to your desktop)

  • View the video below, pausing and reviewing as necessary, in order to:

    • Internalize the concept, knowledge, and skills of Authoritative Voice and Proactive Expectations,

    • Complete the Processing and Planning Guide, and

    • Practice the knowledge and skills of Authoritative Voice and Proactive Expectations

Proactive Expectations

Next Steps:

Now that you've had a chance to learn, internalize, and practice authoritative voice and proactive expectations:

  • Complete your Proactive Expectations Processing and Practice guide and email it to your Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach, 

  • Click on Reinforcements below to continue forward with your development and completion of the BMC Trajectory module.  

The Behavior Management Cycle Trajectory

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