We all want to meet expectations.  And research shows that positive reinforcement has a higher likelihood of motivating people to achieve expectations.  Whether it's because we need encouragement, an opportunity to see and hear that others are meeting the expectation (which makes us want to do the same), or it simply feels good to be recognized for our good behavior, reinforcements are the glue of a healthy and productive classroom.  


Reinforcements strengthen, support, and emphasize your proactive expectations, serving as both a way to acknowledge students who have met expectations and provide a reminder and model for those you have yet to meet expectations.


  • Download the Reinforcements Processing and Planning Guide here (save to your desktop)

  • Download the Reinforcements PPT Deck here (save to your desktop)

  • View the video below, pausing and reviewing as necessary, in order to:

    • Internalize the concept, knowledge, and skills of Reinforcements,

    • Complete the Processing and Planning Guide, and

    • Practice the knowledge and skills of Reinforcements

Next Steps:

Now that you've had a chance to learn, internalize, and practice reinforcements:

  • Complete your Reinforcements Processing and Practice guide and email it to your Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach, 

  • Click on Verbal Redirections below to continue forward with your development and completion of the BMC Trajectory module.  

The Behavior Management Cycle Trajectory

Non-Verbal Redirections

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