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Content Test Timeline - 2020-21

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TExES Content and Pedagogy Exams is required for Initial Certification in all teacher certification areas. The content and pedagogy exam that you must take depends on the certification area for which you were admitted to Teaching Excellence. For example, a teacher candidate admitted to TE for the Core Subjects 4 - 8 Certification must take and pass the Core Subjects 4 - 8 Content and Pedagogy Exam. A teacher admitted to TE for a certification area of Math 7-12 would need to take and pass the Math 7-12 Content and Pedagogy Exam. 


Passing the corresponding content and pedagogy exams for your certification area is a requirement for issuance of an initial teaching certificate (intern and probationary certificates). 

How to be approved to test?

The process for test approval requirements and process are on the helpful one-pager linked below. You will need to be logged-in to your TE Portal to access this document:

Which exam will I have to take?

Teacher candidates can use the chart below to determine which test(s) are required for their certification area. 

If you are unsure of what your certification area is, login to your TE Portal and reference the "Certification Area" field. 

Cert Area - TExES Content Exam.JPG
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