Take and Pass the Content Exam

The Texas Education Agency requires you take and pass a TExES content exam for the certification area sought prior to issuing your initial certificate.  You should have received an email from Teaching Excellence regarding the appropriate test to take based on your teaching assignment- if not, please send an email to teaching.excellence.org immediately. This exam has been carefully selected for you based on your teaching assignment, and you should not, under any circumstances, register for any other exam unless given express direction from Teaching Excellence.





To allow for enough time to take your test and receive your passing scores, you should plan to take the appropriate Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) prior to Formal Admission.  If you fail to pass the PACT prior to Formal Admission, yet meet all admission criteria, you will be recommended to take the TExES Exam (the same exam, just in a non-PACT format, which is only different in that you are recommended for it after formal admission by TE) in the certification area sought. 


Please note that you will only have 5 attempts to take and pass any certification exam (whether the test is taken in PACT or TExES format). If you have taken a TExES exam before, please pay special attention to the 5-Strike Rule and its implications.



If you have ANY questions, please reach out to teaching.excellence@yesprep.org before registering for your exam- if you take and pass the incorrect exam, we are not able to issue refunds for the cost of the exam.

Some exams are not offered continuously, and are called "Limited Administration Exams." If your exam falls into this category, please read the guidelines around them carefully.

If you have been told that you will need to pursue the ESL or Bilingual supplemental certificates, please read the guidelines around them carefully.

If you are pursuing a Special Education certificate, please read the guidelines around them carefully.

Believe that you have been slated to our certification pathway in error?