Expanding District Partnerships 
in the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Teaching Excellence (TE), the Houston area’s leading novice teacher development and alternative certification program, is excited to announce that it will be expanding the districts it supports beginning in the 2019-2020 academic year.  Teaching Excellence is trusted by school leaders in the partnering districts below:

We're excited to share more about both the program and its district partners committed to ensuring high-quality preparation of their novice teachers.  If you or a member of the Houston educational community might be interested in partnering with Teaching Excellence, please click the link below to set-up a time to talk with us about how the opportunity of being a Teaching Excellence partnership district:




The Teaching Excellence Program:


Teaching Excellence (TE) is a teacher development and alternative certification program created by YES Prep Public Schools in 2004 to accelerate teacher effectiveness in year one and beyond. Our mission is to transform talent by providing exceptional coaching and professional development in order to dramatically impact teacher effectiveness. Beginning with a 2.5-week immersive Summer Induction, TE teaches the foundational skills novice teachers need to be successful in the classroom via in-person, practice-based, professional learning.  During the school year TE candidates receive a proven-effective Instructional Coach that observes and debriefs with their cohort of teachers every 1.5-2 weeks (far more often than the state requirement). 


Benefits to Your District:


TE is committed to building partnerships with school districts that share our commitment of investing in their novice teachers’ development and accelerating their effectiveness. Last year, 85% of TE teachers met or exceeded their district’s instructional expectations in year one.  Of those teachers, 84% met or exceeded their student achievement goals. TE has quickly become a trusted partner to high-performing districts across Houston committed to ensuring their novice teachers’ persistence and long-term growth in the field of education as they become certified.  More than 95% of last year’s school leaders rated TE as a “quality teacher development program.”  


Program costs are shared between the district and the teacher, representing an investment in the future, for both teachers and their students.


Learn more about the Teaching Excellence program and our team of Instructional Coaches by visiting the homepage of our website at www.teachingexcellence.org

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