Submit Field Based Experiences

All participants in Teaching Excellence ACP are required to complete 30 hours of Field Based Experiences (classroom observations), according to the Texas Administrative Code. The purpose of these observations is to ensure that, prior to starting the semester on an initial certificate, you have observed a diverse set of classrooms and gleaned best-practices. 


*All 30 of these hours should be completed before Induction begins in order to make the professional learning opportunities at Induction more meaningful to you.

  • 3 hours of observation + reflection must be completed via the 3 required videos online (see the links in the document below)

  • 12 hours of additional observation + reflection may be completed by choosing from the videos that are not required online (see the links in the document below for online experiences),

  • 15 hours of observation + reflection must be completed in-person and must be completed between now and November 2018 (if preferred, the remaining 27 hours (after the 3 required videos) may be completed in-person).  These can be tracked and recorded on the same document as above, and must include a signature from the teacher being observed.

Please keep in mind that all in-person observations must take place in a K-12 public school setting in the State of Texas. 

This might include:

  • Observing at a local campus/district, or

  • Observing on the campus/district at which you were hired, either in the Spring or during Summer School

  • For TFA Corps Members: you may use your experiences at Institute, as long as a physical signature is obtained on the tracker verifying these hours.

*You will not be credited hours without an accompanying completed reflection.


Important Note: Inability to complete these hours prior to Induction will require you to observe on your campus during the first months of the school year. This is not recommended, given the high demands on your time during those months. If you are out-of-state, hired late, or otherwise unable to complete your Field Based Experience Hours prior to Induction, the final submission deadline will be November 9th, 2018.

Field Based Experience will only count towards your certification after you have been Formally Admitted.