When you are able to complete your 15 In-person hours of Field Based Experiences, will determine your certification pathway.

Action Item

Check your email, for a message from Docusign regarding the FBE Commitment. This email will include a link to the FBE Commitment. You must sign this document before continuing in the program. 

If you have not received this email, check your SPAM or Junk Mail folders. If you still can't find it, reach out to teaching.excellence@yesprep.org

In-person  FBE Requirement

Field Based Experience Requirement:

Texas Administrative Code requires that educator preparation program candidates complete a minimum of thirty (30) clock hours of field based experiences. 15 hours of the experiences MUST be completed In-Person at a Texas K-12 Public school setting and during the normal academic school year. Field based experiences provide you with opportunities to observe and engage with students in a real-world setting.  These experiences will enhance your understanding of what an effective teacher’s classroom looks like, feels like, and sounds like, and make your professional learning experiences more meaningful.   These experiences will also allow you to connect to essential teacher actions that will dramatically improve your effectiveness on day one. The remaining 15 field based experience hours are completed via video and reflection and will be completed at a later time in the program.

The 15 In-Person Field Based Experiences must be

  • 12 hours of In-Person experiences at a Texas K-12 Public school setting during the normal academic school year

  • 3 hours of reflections about those completed observation.

Full and final details regarding the completion of this important requirement will be provided after Formal Admission into a Pathway.

Why this matters now?

Spring vs Summer Pathway to Certification

Candidates that can complete these 15 hours of Field Based Experiences between Formal Admission to the program and May 29th, 2020 will be admitted to our Spring Pathway to Certification.

Candidates that are not available to complete these Field Based Experience before May 29th, 2020, will be admitted to our Summer Pathway to Certification. These candidates will complete their Field Based Experiences between August – December 2020.

Both the Spring and Summer Pathways can result in an Intern Certification by August 2020 as long as all necessary program components are completed on time. 

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