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Quick Facts and Overview


Pre-Induction Assignments provide teachers with background information so that they are prepared for their Induction experience. The Pre-Induction Assignments include readings, videos, webinars, and reflections.  Teachers will complete these assignments prior to attending Teaching Excellence Induction so that they can engage fully during the in-person professional learning experiences. 


Teachers should first log in to their Teaching Excellence Portal. Teachers can reference the following instructions , if needed.

Once they have logged into their Portal teachers should click on the “Initial Certificate” tab.

On the Initial Certificate view, scroll to Pre-Induction Assignments.


Click the “Download Pre-Induction Assignment Tracker” link.


Follow the directions embedded in the document.  



The Pre-Induction Assignments must be completed prior to Induction (July). 

The Pre-Induction Assignments provide teachers with background knowledge and mindsets that we believe are critical for their roles in the classroom.  These assignments also will prepare teachers for their in-person professional learning experience at Induction.  In order to get the most out of the sessions they will attend at Induction, teachers should reflect and respond thoroughly to the Pre-Induction Assignments. 

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