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Teaching Excellence exists to accelerate the effectiveness of novice teachers.  We take our responsibility very seriously and are thrilled to provide support to over 320+ teachers across the city of Houston.  Our interview process exists to find the top team members who will help us support our dedicated and exceptional cohort of teachers.  Throughout the interview process, we hope that the mindsets which we embrace at Teaching Excellence are present throughout.  Learn more about the TE Mindsets here, providing you with insights into the very core of Teaching Excellence's mission.

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Apply to Work with Houston's BEST!

The Teaching Excellence program provides transformational support through proven coaching strategies, impactful professional learning, and a streamlined Alternative Certification Pathway (ACP) for all teachers new to YES Prep, as well as select teachers from KIPP Houston, Spring Branch ISD, BakerRipley, Etoile Academy and Yellowstone Academy/College Prep. 

You can learn more about our district partnerships here.  

Teaching Excellence Instructional Coaches support teachers in a myriad of ways each day.  Therefore, a rigorous and thorough interview process exists, which replicates many parts of the Instructional Coach role.  Below is quick overview of the Teaching Excellence interview process, along with some helpful tips as you apply.


1. Online Application and Video Interview

Clicks the links below for some great tips for a successful initial application and video interview:

i. Click here for tips on successfully submitting a YES Prep online application.

ii. Click here for tips on video interviewing.

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2. Instructional Knowledge Interview

This interview provides candidates a chance to share their knowledge of classroom instruction, both instructional planning and classroom management. 

A couple of tips:

i. Be prepared to share specific examples of excellent classroom instruction.
ii. Questions will center on leveraging instructional knowledge in coaching novice teachers.  Prepare to engage in scenarios which center on coaching novice teachers.


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3. Half-Day Interview Process

Candidates are provided a professional learning session in advance to learn, coming ready to facilitate the session to members of the Teaching Excellence team.  This part of the interview process requires significant preparation.  The other portion of the half-day interview simulates coaching conversations with novice teachers via role-plays. 


Below is the overarching outline of the two major activities during the in-person interview.


Here's what we look for:

Professional Learning:
i. Knowledge of the professional learning session being facilitated 
ii. Presence while facilitating the session to teachers

Instructional Coaching:
i. Implementing feedback from one coaching role-play interaction to the next
ii. Accurate identification of a novice teacher's "key lever" (a.k.a. the most essential area for improvement)


4. Want to Learn More About the Role?

Schedule some time with Sarah or another member of our team to connect via phone about Teaching Excellence and the Instructional Coach role.  Be sure to prepare questions to ask about being an Instructional Coach, working on Houston's most dynamic team, and/or coaching and developing novice teachers across Houston.

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5. Want to Meet the Team and See Us in Action?

Connect with members of our team at our January 26th Professional Learning Saturday at YES Prep White Oak. 

  • RSVP by sending sarah.murphy@yesprep.org an email

  • Meet at the front doors at 8:30 a.m. and plan to stay until 10:30 a.m.