Teaching Excellence Mentor Program

Teaching Excellence is one of the premier novice teacher development programs in the nation.  The Teaching Excellence teacher Mentor Teacher is a critical component in a teachers' ability to remain on-track for gaining full teacher licensure in the State of Texas.  Below we provide all of the requirements, action items, and protocols for either assigning mentor teachers in your district/campus and/or completing the Mentor Teacher requirements.  Thank you in advance for your support and dedication to the novice teachers in the Teaching Excellence program.  


Mentor Teacher Requirements:



  • Have at least three years of teaching experience; who is an accomplished educator as shown by student learning;  

  • Complete the mentor training provided by an EPP within three weeks of being assigned to the candidate/novice-teacher (see below);  

  • Guide, assist, and support the candidate/novice-teacher during the internship in areas such as planning, classroom management, instruction, assessment, working with parents, obtaining materials, district policies; and 

  • Report the candidate's progress to that candidate's field supervisor (signing Formal Observations provided by the Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach). 

Must not... 

  • Have an administrative role over the mentor or cooperating teacher (unless the campus Principal or School Leader or School Director); or 

  • Be related to the Instructional Coach, candidate/novice-teacher, or cooperating teacher by blood (consanguinity) within the third degree or by marriage (affinity) within the second degree. 

Mentor Action Items:

  1. Complete the TE Mentor Orientation via the TE Mentor Handbook (included here and in the initial email),

  2. Sign the Mentor Contract and affirm your orientation as a TE Mentor (emailed via DocuSign following the initial email), 

  3. Confirm your full Texas State Teacher Licensure with the Teaching Excellence Certification Team (if requested by a member of the TE Certification Team), 

  4. Provide campus-based support to TE Teacher, including providing solution-oriented responses to TE Teacher queries about campus-specific expectations, needs, cultural norms and leveraging campus-based resources or people who can provide further support (see example Experience Agenda in lined TE Mentor Handbook for support), and 

  5. Document the mentor/novice teacher development experiences via the End of Year TE Mentor Survey (sent at the end of the academic year).

Please send any questions regarding your role, responsibilities, or action items as a TE Mentor Teacher to teaching.excellence@yesprep.org.  

Protocols for Assigning Mentors:


Central Office Human Resources Personnel, School Directors/School Leaders/Principals, and/or YES Prep Deans of Students -   

  • Please provide a list of the official district mentors to teaching.excellence@yesprep.org 

    • Upon receiving the *list of desired Mentor Teachers to support each TE Novice Teacher in this year's cohort, Teaching Excellence will verify whether they meet the certification requirement required by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to serve as an official Mentor Teacher.​

    • If a Mentor Teacher does not hold a Texas Standard Certificate, we will request that the campus School Leader/Dean of Students identify an alternative certified teacher to serve in this capacity or that the campus School Director serve in this role (as required by the Texas Administrative Code and TEA).  Upon reply from Teaching Excellence, an "Alternate Mentor Form" linked here will be completed for each teacher at the district level for each TE teacher in which the mentor selected (e.g. GLC) does not meet the requirements.  ​

*YES Prep Deans of Students - The default, as noted in their job description, is for the Grade-Level Chairs (GLC's) to serve in this role.  Please send the list of Grade Level Chairs by campus.