Out of Country Transcripts

If your undergraduate or graduate degree was earned at an institution of higher education outside of the United States, including territories of the United States, you need to complete the following steps.


1.  In order to evaluate credentials from outside the United States for Formal Admission criteria, it must be determined that the credential is, at a minimum, equivalent to a baccalaureate degree issued by an accredited institution of higher education in the United States. Click here for a list of approved credential review services.

2. Evidence must be provided that the primary language of instruction was English;



Verification of satisfactory scores on the English language proficiency examination (TOEFL). Click here to register for this exam.


Satisfactory Scores are as follows: 

Speaking: 24

Listening: 22

Reading: 22

Writing: 21

Note: An applicant is allowed to retake the TOEFL to cumulatively achieve the required minimum scores on all sections