What is the PACT content exam and how does it impact my certification?

The PACT, or Pre Admission Content Test, will serve to meet your TExES Content Exam requirement. You are eligible to take this test if you have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and have never been admitted to a Texas SBEC-approved Educator Preparation Program.

All certification exams in Texas are called TExES exams. There are multiple formats in which you can take a TExES exam, including as a Pre-Admission Candidate (in which case the exam is called a PACT exam, or pre-admission content test). If you are a PACT candidate, you will see all of the possible exams as choices when you register. Once you are formally admitted into an Educator Preparation Program (EPP), your program is required to approve you for a specific test that matches the certification area into which you were admitted. If you are taking the test this way, as a normal TExES format, you will only see exams available for which your EPP has approved you.

Which PACT content exam should I take?

You should have recieved an email from outlining your specific certification area. You will need to take the PACT content exam that matches the email exactly- if you are not sure which exam to take, email before registering. 

What is the benefit of taking the PACT content exam?

For some candidates seeking admission to the Teaching Excellence program, Formal Admission is dependent upon taking and passing the PACT exam (e.g. Candidates with a GPA lower than a 2.5, Candidates with less than the required semester credit hours in the certification area sought, etc.).  Even if this is not the case for you, taking and passing the exam as soon as possible sets you up for success and reduced stress coming into Induction, and allows you to focus your time and energy on preparing for the school year, as opposed to focusing on test preparation.

How much does the PACT/TExES content exam cost?

All PACT/TExES content exams cost $116 for most tests for each attempt.

What if I can’t make it to Texas to take the PACT content exam?

If you live outside of the state of Texas, you can take the PACT at certain Pearson locations across the U.S.  To see if a location near you exists, please visit the following website.

What steps do I take to register for the PACT content exam?

All certification candidates who are interested in taking the PACT must do so via the Computer Administered Test (CAT). Instructions for registration are here.

What if I take the PACT content exam and fail or I do not take the PACT?

If you choose not to take the PACT test, and are Formally Admitted into the Teaching Excellence ACP program, you will be recommended for the TExES exam in the certification area sought upon Formal Admission, which is the exact same exam. Therefore, there is no advantage in waiting to test. Failure to take and send a passing score report on the PACT prior to Induction will result in attendance at mandatory test prep session during Induction.  Failure to take, pass, and send a passing score report on the content exam prior to the first day of Induction  could also result in a delay in your certification. 

If you have attempted your content exam but did not pass, the state requires a 45-day waiting period before you can take the exam again. Once you are Formally Admitted into the Teaching Excellence program, you are no longer able to take the PACT exam. Any attempts to take and pass your content exam on or after this date will be via an official recommendation from Teaching Excellence.  We will communicate once you have been approved to register and take your next attempt of the content exam.

Once I pass my content exam, am I finished testing?

No.  Everyone is required to take and pass at least one additional exam (the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities exam).  You will receive additional communication on preparation for this exam during your first internship semester. 

For those teachers being certified in Bilingual education, you will need to take and pass the Bilingual Supplemental content exam and Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test in order to be considered certified as a Bilingual teacher in the State of Texas. 

Some teachers will be required by their districts to take and pass the ESL Supplemental exam.  You will receive further communication from both your district and Teaching Excellence as to whether or not this will be required. 

Since a rule change went into effect on September 1st, 2017, all supplemental exams must be taken before an initial certificate can be issued. For example, in order to have a certificate in Core Subjects 4-8 with the ESL Supplemental endorsement, both exams must be passed prior to initial certificate issuance.