Paul Needham

Professional Learning Specialist

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aul gets out of bed fastest when he knows he’ll get to spend his day helping people do what they do best better! He has worked in HISD, Wayside Schools in Austin, TX, and moved back to Houston after working with Teach for America in Tulsa, OK. Paul's work at Teaching Excellence has been focused on Professional Learning. He has written sessions and facilitated for Teaching Excellence, New to Blue, Leading Excellence, and many campuses across YES Prep Public Schools.


While he holds an EC-4 teaching certificate, he has coached teachers from Pre-K through High School Physics and watching a light bulb go off as a student works hard to understand any content gives him all the energy he needs for the week!


Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his wife, Tiffany, and their two kids (Isabella – 7 and Westley – 5). Together, they love going to sporting events, reading picture books, and are members of the Houston Zoo and Children’s Museum. Paul fulfilled a New Year’s Resolution by opening an Etsy page to sell his Woodworking items.