Preparation for NTB Induction

New to Blue Induction exists to provide New to Blue teachers with the opportunity to engage in lesson planning utilizing YES Prep resources and materials, become familiar with systems used at YES Prep, and engage with the philosophies and mindsets YES Prep is built upon all while reflecting upon and building upon your previous classroom experience.  It is our vision that you leave Induction with the skills necessary to manage a classroom, plan lessons, and become a contributing member of your system-wide teams and campus faculty on Day 1. During Induction, you will meet your colleagues from campuses around the system, YES Prep Stakeholders from the Home Office, campus, and content teams, as well as members of the New to Blue and Teaching Excellence Team and other staff committed to your support.


Please read the following page carefully for information about Pre-Induction Assignments, Induction dates, times, and logistical information. *Please note: Attendance at New to Blue Induction is required.*

NTB Pre-Induction Assignments

Each of the following required items is due to prior to July 17th, unless otherwise specified.


Fingerprinting and Background Check

Any participant in the New to Blue program must gain their official Texas Educators Certification Fingerprints via Morphotrust (the official vendor of TEA/SBEC).  The 2007 Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 9 requiring fingerprint-based criminal background reviews for certain school employees in Texas Public schools. Senate Bill 9 is codified in Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 22, Subchapter C. 


You’ve already received communication from YES Prep with instructions on how to successfully complete this requirement.  Please reach out to with any questions.

NTB Pre-Admission Survey

This survey gives New to Blue critical information that will allow us to admit you into the program and ensure that you are placed on the correct track of development.  Please be sure to complete this survey (link below) accurately and thoroughly, as this information will be used throughout the year.  Please be sure to take note of your official first and last names.  If you are undergoing a name change at any point during your participation in NTB, please let us know at


Copy & Paste this link in your web browser: