Content Exam Registration

To register for PACT, please complete the following steps:
  • Create an account with Pearson here.

  • To register for your test click here.

  • For Instructions on how to create an account and register see here.


You should not need to create an educator profile on the SBEC (State Board of Educator Certification) website in order to register. The Pearson online registration system will transfer the data you enter to the SBEC system and give you a TEA ID number. Select “Register” if you are ready to do so.


​***If you have been admitted to an ACP in the past, and already have a TEA ID number, you will not be able to take a Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT). You will need to complete the Transfer and Formal Admission process before we can recommend you for the TExES (non-PACT format) exam.***


When you receive your scores from Pearson, send the full PDF score report to  Please include your TEA ID in this email.


Deadlines and Reminders to Note
  • You must register for a computer-administered content test (CAT).  We do not recommend taking paper-based tests (PBT), as the scores for these test take longer to process.

  • You should plan to take the PACT test as soon as possible in order to get your scores to Teaching Excellence prior to the start of Induction in July. Computer based test scores take up to seven business days to post.

  • Please note that some exams are NOT offered in July, so you should plan to register for your exam as early as possible.


Please note: A delay in taking and passing your content exam will cause a significant delay in your certification timeline and result in additional fees.


Preparing For Your Content Exam

We would like to direct your attention to two resources (click links below) for test preparation in all the content areas including the:

Note: Ed Publishing manuals are the recommended, though are only for available content areas.  For those content areas not available through Ed Publishing, others can be found on

You should use the Pearson preparation manual as a first step in the preparation process.  If you feel that you need more preparation, then visit the link to other manuals for purchase.


Lastly, you can also contact if you need more options.


On the Day of Your Test
  • Verify your test location and reporting time and arrive at the designated test center before the reporting time listed on your admission ticket.

  • Print your admission ticket. You will be required to present this ticket for your test.

  • Assemble your 2 identification documents and be sure that the first and last names on your admissions ticket match your ID documents

  • Cell phones and other electronic devices (including smart watches) are not allowed in the test center.  Leave these items in your car.  If you are found to be in possession of these items in the test center at any time (including breaks), you will be dismissed and your scores cancelled.

  • Food & drinks are not allowed in the testing room.