Committing to Diversity and Retention - Teaching Excellence Scholarship Program

Through a grant from the Walton Family Foundation that seeks to diversify the teaching force and increase the persistence of high-quality teacher candidates, has been proud to offer and continue offering a number of needs-based scholarships to Teaching Excellence candidates hired at one of our partnership districts and entering into the program to support costs associated with certification exams & state fees, financial obstacles of transitioning into the profession, and program costs of participating in the Teaching Excellence certification program.

The inaugural TE Scholarship Program cohort year has already led to some exciting results that we're proud to share with you:

81.2% of the 2018-2019 TE Cohort identify as a teacher of color

132 scholarships were awarded for certification exams & fees, transitional funding, and program costs

97 Teaching Excellence teacher candidates were awarded one or more scholarships 

Over $71,000 in scholarship money has already been awarded to this year's cohort

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