TE At-A-Glance

The graphic below outlines the general process that a teacher goes through when pursuing certification. It should not be taken as a comprehensive list, but rather an overview to give you a sense of the process as a whole. 

For any program hours to count toward certification, and to be officially enrolled in our program for certification purposes, you must be Formally Admitted. Until you are Formally Admitted, you are participating for developmental purposes only. 

  • Gain employment as a Teacher of Record at one of our District Partnerships in a content and grade level that determines your certification area

  • Complete Pre-Induction Onboarding Items

  • Meet Formal Admission criteria for your certification area

Formally Admitted

Once you are Formally Admitted, your next goal is to start on your Initial Certificate. To do so, all requirements must be met by the first day of a given semester- if not, you will work towards starting a certificate on the first day of the following semester. 

  • Attend Teaching Excellence Induction (July 11-27, 2018)

  • Complete 30 hours of Field Based Experience 

  • Complete at least 150 total program hours

  • Apply and pay for the Initial Certificate

  • Take and pass the TExES Content Exam in the certification area under which you were Formally Admitted

  • Submit conferred bachelor's degree

Initial Certificate

You must hold the initial certificate for 180 school days while teaching at least 4 hours/day on average in a subject and grade level that aligns to your certification area to be eligible to receive your Standard Certificate.

  • Take and pass the Texas Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR EC-12) Exam

  • Attend all Professional Learning Saturdays (PLS)

  • Complete all Professional Learning Modules (PLM)

  • Engage in Instructional Coaching observations and debriefs

  • Apply and pay for the Standard Certificate

Standard Certificate

The graphic below outlines the five main components of the Teaching Excellence Program.
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