Portal Resources for Teachers  

Accessing the Teaching Excellence Portal

Describes how to access the Teaching Excellence Portal from the initial welcome email.  Including logging in for the first time and changing your password.    


*For teachers that have more than one Microsoft account, please note you will need to ensure you are logged into your @teachingexcellence account.  Please review the troubleshoot video to the right for support.  

Overview of the TE Portal

An overview of the Teaching Excellence Portal, including your status on certification actions, professional learning hours, coaching interactions, and professional learning modules.  


Please review the 'Portal Glossary' for an even more in-depth look. 

Access, Complete, and Save PLMs

How to access, save, and complete your Professional Learning Modules on-time and with fidelity.  Professional Learning Modules are independent learning and reinforcement opportunities, in which your Instructional Coach will provide feedback on, based on strategies learned at Professional Learning Saturdays.   

Access the Collaborative Assessment Log

How to access your Collaborative Assessment Log (CAL)  on the TE Portal.  The Collaborative Assessment Log memorializes each of the coaching interactions with you and your Instructional Coach, along with next steps.

Want a Portal Crash-Course?

Click on this video to watch all of the videos above, all at once, giving you the most comprehensive tutorial of the Teaching Excellence Portal and each of the statuses/resources provided within.