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We at Teaching Excellence are excited to partner with you on this amazing experience, and we are eager to help you become a great instructional leader for your students. To better prepare you for the challenges and triumphs that you will encounter over the course of the next year, I would like to share some professional qualities that I have observed among teachers who have been most successful in our program in the past. These qualities are not in any specific order, but they will all contribute equally to helping you become your best teacher-self each and every day.


Communication: Your development requires a partnership, and partnerships require two-way communication. You know yourself best: communicate your needs and questions throughout the year so we can better help you grow.


Timeliness: Being on time is a sign of professionalism, both on campus and here at Teaching Excellence. Plan ahead to ensure that you meet TE deadlines and that you arrive promptly at all TE sessions and appointments.


Commitment to development: You are responsible for implementing the strategies presented to you. This will mean adapting techniques to suit your students, teaching style, content, and campus community. Push yourself to incorporate recently learned strategies on a daily basis.


Feedback: Feedback is the only way to get better, and it can come from many sources: your Teaching Excellence coach, a colleague, an administrator, or your own reflections. Make the most of feedback opportunities by asking questions to ensure that you are clear on the feedback and understand the importance of implementing it.Self-awareness: Professionals realize that success depends on the quality of their teams. Be mindful of how your words and actions (or lack thereof) impact those around you.


Humility: The best teachers realize that they can learn from every interaction, from every failure, and from everyone around them. Be open with your weaknesses, concerns, and mindsets by demonstrating vulnerability and asking for help.


Solutions-oriented mindset: When the best teachers see problems within their control, they spend time and energy trying to solve those problems. They believe, “I am the problem and the solution.” Work to find solutions, rather than fixating on obstacles.


The good news is that you are not alone on this journey. Teaching Excellence has an entire team of Instructional Coaches dedicated to ensuring that you are supported in your work as a teacher. The following pages provide general but important information about the Teaching Excellence program and how to prepare for Induction, the summer portion of the TE program. Please make sure to read all of the content carefully. For those of you seeking a Texas teaching certification, pay close attention to the information related to certification.


Our team is looking forward to meeting you, and we are eager to welcome you into this transformative profession. Look for us during Induction (we will be wearing different colored name tags), and do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions. We really mean it!



Carlos Villagrana

Managing Director, Teaching Excellence

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