Tips for a Successful TE Scholarship Application

Tip #1: Before starting your application, have ready:

  • Your most recent 1040 Tax Form, and

  • An official or unofficial transcript


Tip #2: You should apply to the scholarship(s) you are most in need of given your current financial situation.   We take a comprehensive view of your application and apply it against our own criteria, the needs of the cohort as a whole, and the amount of funds we have to award as a part of this great opportunity.  Therefore, review the types of scholarships which we have available and list the ones which you believe might best meet your needs. You are able to list more than one scholarship.
Tip #3: The Scholarship Committee uses a “Holistic Review” process, which means we look at your application in its entirety – we do not just look at one component or use absolute floors and ceilings to make decisions. We will carefully review your financial need (including the additional context portion), how you exemplify the diversity & persistence metrics, your past academic achievement, and overall quality of your essay.   
Tip #4:  Here are specific tips for composing a strong response to our essay questions:

  • Revise, Proofread, Revise, Proofread. Submitting a carefully reviewed essay will show us how much you care about the potential to receive a scholarship award. Consider reaching out to a trusted peer, mentor or supervisor to ask for help reviewing your essay submission.

  • Answer all parts of the question.  Read the questions carefully, and ensure you address all parts of the question in your response. Strong answers including multiple anecdotes, examples, and/or illustrations.  They also show vulnerability and humility on the part of the applicant.

  • Ensure your essays are an appropriate length. We recommend a length of no more than 500 words total for all four portions of the essay component.