Teachers, Colleagues, and Partners,


During the summer after my junior year of college at Oklahoma State University, I asked my brother, “Who has had to most impact/influence on your life?” After a pensive moment, he began to rattle off a couple of names- both were teachers.

One of the two teachers he mentioned was Mrs. Wilcoxson, our 5th-grade teacher.  Mrs. Wilcoxson happened to be the same person I had already decided had been most influential in my life. While I had already been thinking about changing my major before this conversation, I never thought education would be where my life’s passion would be.


Hearing my brother talk about the impact she also had on him propelled me to switch majors and start working towards my dream of becoming a “Mrs. Wilcoxson” for others.

Each of you most likely had a “Mrs. Wilcoxson” in your life and have joined us to become an effective teacher because you too wish to have a profound impact on others.  At Teaching Excellence, we strive to improve the lives of our students, communities, and anyone we come in contact with, so take comfort knowing that you’re in the right place. 


The entire Teaching Excellence team is excited to partner with you on an amazing journey, and we are eager to help you become the kind of teacher your students deserve. To better prepare you for the challenges and victories you will encounter over the course of the next year, we have devoted ourselves to creating the most impactful teacher preparation program we can and will strive to, like you, become even better as quickly as we can. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey and I can’t wait to see the impact we’ll accomplish together.


Carlos Villagrana, Managing Director of Teaching Excellence